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Sigma Gear

Kellers Kustoms is pleased to provide patches for Phi Beta Sigma. Please add your items to the shopping cart and add shipping if you would like those items shipped to you.


Sigma- Tail


Phi Beta Sigma Patch w/Tail
9" x 12.5"


Centennial Patch
11.5" x 10.5"


G.O.M.A.B. Patch
12" x 12"
  Engraved Pendant


Kenyan Engraved Pendant
1" Hand Carved
Banner Patch


Centennial Banner Patch
10.5" x 12"
  3 Piece Patch


3 Piece Centennial Patch
12" x 14.5"
Blue Cap


Blue Centennial Cap
Adjustable Velcro Back
  white-Blue Cap


Blue-White Centennial Cap
Adjustable Velcro Back
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